SPECTRA and Zip BladesSpectrum variable lamps for supplementary light in greenhouses, and for single layer production of biopharmaceuticals.  

  • Three different lenghts 2,4m, 2,1m and 1,6m
  • Seven different spectrums in the range from 360nm to 730nm(with more combinations beeing researched)
  • Single or Double sided lamp
  • Dimable range 0-100W & 0-200W
  • 4 to 12 pixels

Years of research has lead to our most efficient product using the newest line of available diodes. The blades are developed together with our customers and are made to serve different plant needs. We have several different pilot and research projects in respect to spectrum, intesitivity and photoperiode making Intravision confident that we can deliver what few others can.



MAPS – Modular Agricultural Production Systems 

Intravision/CESRF.  Controlled environment production system for flowering food plants and leafy greens.  Intensity variation ranging from 150µM m2, s1 to 700µM m2, s1 with water-cooled LEDs and integrated air management.  A high light intensity spectrum variable PAR1000 variation of MAPS tailored specifically for production of phyto-pharmaceuticals featuring water-cooled LEDs for efficient heat conversion outside the growth area is currently under development.

Intravision Spectra R&D - Water-cooled 7-LED band Plant Research Rig

Full light spectrum with above sunlight intensity with LED bands from UVA to IR light. This 2ft 4 inch by 3ft LED rig can be equipped with both manual dimmers, or computer controlled.

Must be used with water cooling. Stand alone heat exchangeer can be supplied. Designed for UL-field certification.


Products in developement


GravityFlow - Space efficient automated GMP production system for low-cost manufacturing of Plant Made Pharmaceuticals.                     A controlled environment flow-through factory for large-scale production of GMO tobacco plants with generation time in production of 4-5 weeks.  Patent applied for.


SPECTRA AURORA – Spectrum variable lamp system for use as overhead production of tall plants on tables, both as supplementary to sunlight and as single light source. 

Cooperation projects and product

MODULAR FARMS - Complete Indoor vertical farming system, Intravision is a partner of Modular Farms.  Intravision has since the start of the project and product development worked with Modular Farms making the best modul for indoor farming with light, air and nutrition optimatization.


Visit them on http://modularfarms.co !


COLUMN – Space efficient production system tailored for strawberries in controlled environments.  Strawberry plants arranged on specially designed columns moved by a conveyer system.  COLUMN GEN1 tested for two years in a greenhouse, COLUMN GEN2 is being outfitted with spectrum variable LEDs tailored for maximizing flowering, taste and nutrition.  Ongoing product development includes robotics integration for pruning and picking.