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Intravision was invited by the CESRF, University of Guelph to partake in developing a new generation of sealed plant research chambers for a UofG cannabis research section at VIVO Cannabis in Napanee (Formerly ABcann Medicinals). The project evolved as a cooperation between CESRF, Intravision and Conviron.


The aim was to outfit the Vivo Napanee facility with a unique package of chambers able to research the “whole environment control package, including the lighting systems, and the organic growing substrate. The team from CESRF executing the research are looking at the plant in its entirety, its relationship to environment control systems, and how that ultimately defines the productivity in terms of the medicinal compounds of interest." 

The delivery included 5 Intravision Photosystem Chambers, and 3 modified Conviron PGC Flex chambers, all with water-cooled 8-channel LED rigs from Intravision.


R&D Technologies






Vivo Cannabis

facility in Napanee



CESRF University

of Guelph, Conviron

02 Fargelek_psykodelisk cannabis.jpg
Tomato plant in PS1000 2016 02_photo Int

Text from an Jan 22, 2016 interview with Dr. Mike Dixon, director of the CESRF in the Waterloo Region Record;


There are many variations on the theme of growing pot, but no standardized method. Perfecting and standardizing production and quality is necessary if cannabis is to attain the stature of a high quality pharmaceutical commodity. 


Gaining the capacity to grow the same drug every time is absolutely necessary, he said. And while there are strong genetics available to do that, the only way to produce a systematic, standardized product is through using repeatable, high quality environmental controls. Dixon said no one has achieved it yet. The task is a big one. 


"The plain truth is that the environment controlled recipe, comprised of light intensity, light quality, temperature, humidity, nutrients, soil attributes … that recipe for specific commodities does not exist," he said. 


"Every grower spawn by the decades of underground growing has their own recipe, but very little of it is proven in the cauldron of scientific research, with controlled experiments and objective assessments of the outcome, and detailed analysis of the medicinal compounds," he said. 

2018-04-27 13.15.09[1].jpg

The Photosystems Freya, Balder and Njord, named after the Norse gods. Odin and Thor to the left in the photo.

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