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The GravityFlow

Controlled Environment System


The GravityFlow™ system is fully automated, controlled environment platform that is tuned towards large scale production of a wide range of medicinal and food plants.

The GravityFlow optimizes plant growth by the use of our advanced LED lights, sophisticated automation technology, closed loop air and nutrient management systems and an array of environment and a system management controls.

The GravityFlow system is a linear growth multi-layer production system where plants are grown in 'GrowBoxes' that move through a sequence of environments optimized towards plants phases of development from germination through to harvest. This system removes any possibility of up stream and down stream contamination as well as reduces the need of manual labour.  

The GravityFlow system, like any complex system depends on other systems around it to keep it in check. For this reason, we offer the GravityFlow system package where our certified architects and engineers work with you to design a complete facility from ground up. tailored to your requirements. 

Once your facility is operational we also train and and transfer your staff in facility operation, engagement and maintenance


Check out out Welland facility Here! 



The GravityFlow


The use of automation in the GravityFlow system obviously helps to limit the number of human resources required to run a system, saving the user labor costs and eliminating human error/contamination whilst also streamlining the flow of goods.


The 'grow room' is a fully automated closed environment that is monitored and managed from a local control room on site or an off site location dedicated to the management of multiple systems in different facility locations.


The system manages: air temperature, humidity & air flow/turnover, nutrient delivery cycles and the automated nutrient delivery system, GrowBox data tracking and 'from seed to shelf' traceability, timeline management and delivery schedules, the automation equipment etc.


The GravityFlow system is designed around a standardized modular framework. From this, a system can be fabricated towards the clients requirements within the context of the standard modular element, giving the client flexibility on layer height, total system height, and total system length.

The GravityFlow system is available in both a fully automated large scale option, and a smaller semi-automated system for the smaller budge projects with restrictions in building footprint and height.  


For more information regarding a GravityFlow system and how a system can be tailored for you growing requirements, send us an inquiry by contacting us below.




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