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The goal for our work processes is normally the development of a automated plant production technology for a specific plant or plant product like a fruit or plant extract. 

Our working method practices a simultaneous exploration of plant genetics, of plant studies executed in sealed research chambers, and system automation- and CFD airflow simulations done in cutting edge digital technology – a complementary relationship that drives our creative process.

The Intravision Group - CERSF cooperation developed the unique sealed PS1000 chamber originally for a medicinal marijuana research project aimed to produce specific cannabionols. These chambers enables a precise understanding on how to optimize production of any plant, and further how to apply growth environment ot direct the plants morphological growth towards maximizing yield in medicinal and food plants.


A key part of our process is aimed towards the understanding of how we can use specific light colors and intensity combinations to best interact with the plant light sensory systems, aiming to direct the plant morphology to increase yield and quality of specific products

Salad comparison

New Red Fire lettuce grown under different colors of light

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