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Who Are We?

Intravision Group is a Norwegian based Photo-biology and Controlled environment system & integration company developing new technologies and techniques for the production of food plants and pharmaceuticals.



What we do!

We have two areas of focus; The first is the development of multi-band and spectrum variable LED lighting designed for biological control and the optimization of engineered plant outcomes in responses from specific wavelengths between UVA and IR light. Our light recipes and lamps represent over 20 years of photobiological & controlled environment research.

The second area of focus is thus the controlled environment and the optimization of advanced multi-layer vertical farm systems/automation & AI management systems designed specifically for the large scale mass productions of plants for food productions and the pharmaceutical industrys. 



Our R&D / Partnerships

Intravision Group has a long standing partnership with the University of Guelph’s Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility (CESRF). The CESRF is a world leading controlled environment research institution with direct partnerships and continuous research programs with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The European Space Agency (ESA). The cooperation between the CESRF and Intravision matched our state-of-the-art spectrum variable LED light technology with the CESRF’s competence within controlled environment systems for the production and engineering of plants within enhanced environment & for optimal/desired result. 

This synergy enables the development of new knowledge/ technology in how to optimize light spectrum variations and photoperiods to trigger desired responses in plants and to optimize plant production practices, including shorter generation cycles, greater yield and improved quality of specific valuable components. As well as refining the environmental conditions. Temperature/ humidity & evapotraspiration, nutrients, day/night cycles, oxigen & co transfers etc. 

Our R&D department is currently focused on furthering our tech in the fields of AI System integration/ Facility Management software, food security projects for extreme habitats, controlled environment research chambers, large-scale efficient indoor food production systems & supplementary light systems for greenhouse horticulture.

Where are we?

We are headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Toronto, Canada (R&D and sales, Americas). & Shanghai, China (production and sales, Asia). 




Per Aage Lysaa

Drammensveien 130D

0277, Oslo, Norway



Josh Siteman

5-2282 Orchard Rd

Burlington, ON 

L7L 0B5 Canada



Carol Shang

Drammensveien 130D

0277, Oslo, Norway

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