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Our research on salads and herbs have been targeted towards testing photobiology effects of different light spectrum combinations, and towards developing the GrowBoxes used in the GravityFlow systems, where issues like plant spacing, size and shape of the plant root containers, nutrient and air-flow management are key. 


The first body of work executed in 2016 was done a part of dr Cody Thompson’s phd. thesis on nutrient uptake on plants, and based on using different spectrum versions of Intravision spectra blades, in combination with narrow bandwidth red- and blue LED’s.


Experiment Objectives:

  • Grow New Red Fire under different light treatments and assess nutrient uptake 

  • Compare growth and quality parameters to evaluate influence of light quality on plant physiology

  • Refine methods for assessing nutrient uptake by plants


There were clear morphological differences between individuals grown under different light treatments. The Green Light Plants (GLP) were considerably larger and developed a rich green color while the Purple Light Plants (PLP) were smaller and developed a deep purple coloration.


The second body of work executed in 2018, also by dr. Cody Thompson, was focused on testing a 3 versions of Intravision GrowBoxes, using Intravision AURORA lamps and working on a range of salad type plants including romaine, kale, Misumi, 


R&D on Plants


2016- 2018




CESRF University

of Guelph


CESRF, Intravision


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