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A snapshot on an industry in its infancy: 

As of 2018 Canada is busily taking the position as the world leading hub for development of cannabinol derived from cannabis plants for both medicinal and recreational purposes. In the half decade leading up to 2018 close to 200 companies have been licensed by Health Canada, while a number of companies have gone public, all have done so with greatly inflated stock values in a very optimistic and opportunistic marketplace; there is a new gold rush in Canada! On the flip side - behind the curtain of optimism - there is a reality where none of the listed companies in Canada actually have a production technology able to deliver consistent high quality of cannabis: As a consequence, none are able to utilize the very potent potential of controlled environment production to target and enhance the plants production of specific chemical compounds.


Enter: Georgian Bay Biomed.  In 2018 the Canadian company, led by a visionary team, recognized the technology opportunity of a partnership with Intravision to become the first high-end controlled environment cannabis producer; utilizing the full potential of Intravision's technology, focusing on a high level of process automation.



Plant Production System


2018- 2020




Collingwood, Canada


Georgian Bay Biomed

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