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Research systems for the KISR; Environment & Life Sciences Research Centre.


Customer: The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) in Kuwait.

2013 to 2022.


In 2012 a Cooperation in Agricultural Science, Technology and Training (2012) was established between KISR and CESRF, University of Guelph. This lead to a Infrastructure Development and Training Project, evaluating alternative approaches towards plant production in the Middle-East,  between the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and JGS Ltd. (Canada) in Collaboration with the University of Guelph, (Canada) COM DEV International Ltd. (Canada) and Intravision Group AS (Norway)


We delivered the first prototype research system in 2014, the MAPS: Modular Agriculture Production System, a 3-layer bench system integrated with a water-cooled 5-channel LED rig, the very first in to which we included UVA  LED’s into a permanent fixture. This 3-layer research prototype in also integrated with a plant air system, securing a homogenous airflow over the plant canopies. 










Kuwait Institute for Scientific 

Research (KISR), Controlled 

Environment Science Research 

Facility (CESRF), HGS Ltd., DEV

International Ltd.  

R&D Technologies

In 2018 Intravision was commissioned to develop and supply the complete research infrastructure to the KISR plant research institute in Kuwait. This delivery which again is co-developed with CESRF, comprises 3 research rooms outfitted complete with controlled environments from 16°C  to 30°C, a total of 63 individual 6-band LED rigs benches with individual control of light spectrum in the range from UVA365nm to FR740nm and hydroponic nutrient recycling systems. This aiming to bring KISR to the very front of plant research for foods- and medicinal plants. 

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