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In 2017 we did a remake of the 2012 STAR lamps on the CESRF Circular Hypobaric Chambers, increasing the LED light spectrum from 7 to 9 channels, now including both UVA and Far Red light. The density of LED’s in these 2000W fixtures we too high to enable use of optics, so the LEDs are embedded in silicone.


In order to secure a optimal penetration of the UVA light into the chambers, we removed the chambers top-glass windows, and machined the water-cooling plates for the LED’s in solid blocks of aluminum with an air-thight gasket fitting towards the chamber tops.


Due to the demands for an air-sealed solution these lamps were designed using one large PCB with connections for the LEDs in a central hole, penetrating the cooling plate towards the back side of the fixture. In order to balance the light intensity the 9 different LED colours are arranged in a circular pattern with the most light efficient LEDs towards the centre and with the less efficient LED colours in increasing quantities as the circle diameter increases.


R&D Technologies






Guelph, Canada


CESRF, University

of Guelph

Above: PCB Testing

Below: New Star Lamp Chambers

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