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Intravision and PlantForm Corporation established in 2015 a partnership for the development of and large-scale automated production platform for the transgenic tobacco plants nicotiana Benthamiana. The cooperation focused on the development of an automated turn-key GMP plant production system, and the 2015 project resulted in the first phase development of what has become Intravision’s proprietary GravityFlow system.


The 2015 plant research project was the first phase of this body of work, and was centered towards understanding plant-spacing, and development of an GrowBox concept that could work as an growth container enabling plant logistics pre- and post-agrobacterium infiltration, and also as an inverted container during the agrobacterium infiltration process. 


PlantForm Corporation is a Canadian biopharmaceutical company focused on the rapid development and production of specialty antibody and protein drugs using its proprietary vivoXPRESS® manufacturing platform. The plant-based vivoXPRESS® system makes it easier, faster and less expensive to produce approved biologic drugs for novel indications and new markets.


The company’s vivoXPRESS® technology uses genetically modified tobacco plants to produce biopharmaceuticals in fully contained greenhouse environments. The plant-based technology delivers high drug expression levels and mammalian-type glycosylation (to eliminate the risk of an unwanted immune system reaction). vivoXPRESS® also provides the following key advantages compared to other fermentation systems for biologic drug production (e.g., mammalian cell culture):

PlantForm's pipeline includes:

  • trastuzumab for a novel indication in nerve regeneration after acute trauma

  • biosimilar versions of Lucentis® and other niche indication drugs

  • medical countermeasures to terrorism threats such as ricin and sarin

  • innovator antibodies for HIV/AIDS (R&D funded by the Gates Foundation and the Government of Canada), and

  • innovator antibodies for treatment of Ebola virus (Sudan strain).


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PlantForm Coporation

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