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The Spectra Blade

The Spectra Blade™ is our advanced multi purpose LED lighting system for single and double sided options. 

The FastBack

The FastBack™ LED Grow lamp is our most advanced and durable single blade LED lighting solution.


The Fastback is an advanced single sided class II, LED lighting solution with an efficient onboard 100w driver. The lamp is a designed to be rugged and versatile with a tough aluminium housing faced with a clear temped glass front protecting the LED's and allowing for easy cleaning and insuring its longevity. The lamp has a vertically or horizontally mounting options and is available in several spectra. 

For more about the FastBack & its Spectra options Contact us. 

The Spectra Blade is a highly customizable lighting option available in a variety of lengths, spectra and mounting possibilities. Our clients commonly use this lighting solution for:

  • horizontally hung 'traditional' single sided lamps

  • Vertically hung single & double sided 'zip-grow' style lamps.

  • Inner plant canopy /under plant canopy lighting.

For more about the Spectra Blade and its many Spectra options and customization for you contact us. 

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